Located in beautiful Manhattan Beach,

The Well is all about filling up on what makes you feel good.

what we're about

The Well's philosophy is based on the relationship between fitness and wellness, inside and out. We want to be a part of your lifelong process.

At The Well, we honor every practice, every body and the differences between them. We encourage all levels to practice with us. We are a safe haven where you can fall, fly or some days just float. Every day is a new chance to do something new. 

Our focus is simple. Some moments we need a strong workout, some moments working on our strength needs to come from within - a "work-in". Marrying the two together under one roof, The Well becomes a balanced hub for both your body and your soul.

Our vibe is an accepting one. All are welcomed, positivity encouraged. We are your family, and you, ours. No negativity, no competition, no bias.

The Well welcomes beginners, seniors, teens, new moms...the list goes on.

We encourage those that want to go for the extra challenge and support those who need a little extra tlc.

where you can find us

Our beautiful studio is located steps away from warm sands and ocean waves in Manhattan Beach. Lofty and inviting, the views of the pier and swaying palm leaves incite a feeling of warmth and positivity even before you begin class. 

If commuting by car, you will find both metered parking and free parking near the studio. Walking and biking to our studio is encouraged and incentivized.



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