We want to make this transition as seamless as possible for you.

If your question isn't answered below, please contact us at info@thewellfitness.com



Our dearest Annie Miller is heading this ship. She has contributed so much to the studio as a teacher, behind-the-scenes and now, as the owner! I will continue to teach for her, as she is keeping a lot of the classes you've come to love on the new schedule.


Yes, The Well Fitness Studio is changing ownership and name to The Well: A Movement Studio. While a lot of things will stay exactly as they are, Annie has a lot of new, exciting ideas to improve your experience with us.


The studio will change hands 2/1/21. What a magical date! I will be able to return to my mat next month, so I better see you there (well, on your own mat...via Zoom...but you get it).


I've been brewing up something new and crazy for you guys! A new way to workout, sweat, have fun and find some Zen! To be able to grow that and The Well, I've come to depend on Annie so much. It only seemed natural that she take this seed into her own hands and help it grow. She's the one person that has been with me from the beginning, and she used to contact me every other week to see if there was something more she could do. Well, her wishes came true! Lol.


You can find more information and how to sign up at thewellmvmt.com!

I had an unlimited contract. What happens now?

You have to do absolutely nothing! Your contract payments have been disabled from 2/1 on, so please continue to use your membership! No payments will occur after then. If you paid for a contract from the 5th-15th, I have coordinated with Annie to credit two weeks for you on the new site! We will reach out to you personally, but you can also check your statement. If you paid for a contract on 1/16, your membership fee was halved!

I prepaid for classes in a pack and/or the Annual. Where do my classes go?

All of your classes will transfer to the new site! Once you create your new profile, your remaining classes will be automatically added.

I'm still confused. I don't have a question, I'm just confused.

Totally get it. I can try to explain: For very good reasons, I've decided to sell the studio. Annie Miller is the new owner and you will need to sign up at thewellmvmt.com. If you've paid for classes that expire after 2/1/21, they will autmoaticall transfer to the new site, once you've made an account!

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