Spring Mind, Body, Soul Reset

A 4 week Spring Cleaning Nutrition, Fitness, Yoga and Meditation Course at The Well in Manhattan Beach, California -- April 30 - May 25

The Well Spring Mind, Body, Soul Reset is a 4 week kick-start into lasting lifestyle changes led by Health Coach, Wellness Influencer, and Yoga and Fitness Teacher Rachael Charbonneau of Wholistic Belly. The program will consist of a guided mini gut-reset, nutrition counseling, both health and personal goal setting and achievement, commitment to exercise, meditation, and suggestions on how to implement these things in your daily, busy lives. 


To Rachael, health is "wholistic", meaning, every aspect of your life can effect your health, and your health can effect every aspect of your life. In this 4-week program, you'll take a deeper look into most areas of your life to create a happier, healthier, whole you.


  • 1 Group Health Coaching Session Per Week discussing nutrition and diet plan, lifestyle, program goals, and any road blocks along the way.

  • 4 Fitness and Yoga Classes Per/Week -- 2 ABC Circuit, 2 anything else*

  • 1 In Person Meditation Per/Week*

*Can't make 2 ABC classes, the meditation, or traveling during the program? Talk to us! We'll work something out!*

Health Coaching Session Overview:

Week 1: Kick-off, goal setting, diet outlines for gut reset, Sugar 101*


Week 2: Check-in, What's come up?, Gut-health, gut-optimzation, probiotics, and prebiotics, Career and Relationships -- why these are considered a part of your health*


Week 3: Check-in, What's come up?, Being "good" while dining out and how to keep your social life while still being healthy* 


Week 4: Check-in, What's come up?, Goal check-in, How to keep this lifestyle going*

*Subject to change


What are the dates?


April 30 - May 25

When will the group Health Coaching sessions be?


Monday’s 1:15 - 2:15pm at The Well



What if I have to miss a group Health Coaching session?


No worries! We will allow you to call in via Video. Can’t make that, either? We will record the session and send it on over. Rachael will also make sure that you check in for a few minutes via phone together to go over your progress and any questions you may have.


When will the meditation be?


TBD — stay tuned! It will be with Karon Wilmoth


What if I have to miss a meditation?


Never fear! If you can’t make any one of Karon’s other classes during the week, that counts, too! If you can’t make any of them over that week, a self-meditation practice will work as well.



What if I can’t make 4 classes during the week?


It’s only 4 weeks, so we encourage you to really commit to these 4 weeks, but we realize life happens. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Do what you can. This is something that may come up in our group coaching sessions and we will work through it together. Your fellow Well Spring Reset-ers will be a great form of communal accountability as well!



What will the diet be like? Will it be hard to cook for my family?

Rachael believes in bio-individuality, meaning, every body is different. What works for you and your body may not work for the person next to you. That’s why there are over 100 dietary theories out there. That being said, it’s an exploratory process to find out what works best for you and your body and we will use these 4 weeks to do just that. We will provide some basic guidelines — filling your plate with mainly veggies, adding ferments into your diet for good probiotics and gut health, making sure each meal has a good source of protein (plant or animal, depending on preference) and fat to keep you satiated, and mainly eliminating common trigger foods such as dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, and eggs, at least for the 4 weeks. 


As far as cooking for your family or partner, we’ll coach you through this process. Maybe they’ll even get on board!


What about coffee?

Is coffee something you absolutely love and a part of your morning ritual? Then drink it! You won’t be asked to give up anything you’re not ready and willing to give up. Coffee can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. If it’s more than a few cups a day, we will talk about the amount together and work through it. If it’s something you’d like to explore giving up, then we will add it to your list of goals and explore it over our 4 weeks together.


Can I drink during the reset?

As long as you aren’t an alcoholic or have an addictive or unhealthy relationship with alcohol, it can be a small part of a healthy lifestyle. Same as with coffee, we won’t ask you to give up anything you’re not ready and willing to give up. We will explore “healthier” options for drinks.


I tried the ABC Class and it was a bit of a reach for myself and my body, or I’m just getting back into the swing of things and I’m intimidated by the class, are there other options?


We try to make all of our classes at The Well all levels with modifications for any move — attainable by anyone. If the class is still bit much for you, there are plenty of other options on the schedule. Reach out to Rachael (rachael@wholisticbelly.com) and we’ll work something out!


What’s the cost? 


Monthly Well Members — $179 as an add on to your membership (you'll pay the $279 but your membership will be put on hold. this will act as your membership for the month)

Non Members — $279


What is included?


Monthly Well Members —

In addition to your already unlimited membership taking as many classes as you’d like, you’ll receive 4 group health coaching sessions as well as access to the Spring Mind, Body, Soul Reset Facebook group and discounts on any Nutrition Workshops held by Rachael at The Well over the month of May.


Non Members —

Unlimited classes at The Well April 30 - May 30, 4 group health coaching sessions as well as access to the Spring Mind, Body, Soul Reset Facebook group and discounts on any Nutrition Workshops held by Rachael at The Well over the month of May.



Any addition questions, reach out to rachael@wholisticbelly.com

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