Wholistic Belly Health and WELLness Programs

The Well’s Wholistic Belly Health and WELLness Programs offer a wholistic approach to nutrition, health, and well-being. Wholistic health takes into consideration the whole person which includes not just what’s on their plate but their mind, body, spirit, fitness, and lifestyle as well - encompassing a person’s life as a whole.


Our packages offer a combination of The Well classes with regular health and nutrition coaching offered by our very own teacher, Rachael Charbonneau. Rachael will help you set and achieve your health goals, both on and off your plate (and mat!), guiding you to get in touch with your bodies’ needs to develop a self-awareness to make the best, healthiest decisions for yourself under any given circumstance.

Integrative Private Health and Wellness Coaching

These packages are perfect for The Well Fit Fam and Yogi’s maintaining their practice who are also interested in:


  • Reclaiming their health

  • Optimizing their digestion and starting a journey to heal their gut

  • Reducing stress

  • Learning how to cook simple, healthy meals, despite a busy schedule

  • Learning how to listen to their bodies needs and how to satisfy those needs

  • Establishing meaningful relationships

  • Increasing self-care practices

  • Learning how health is deeper than just what’s on their plate

  • Taking back their health into their own hands


Sessions are 60 minutes every other week either in person at The Well or via Video Conferencing

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Contact Rachael Charbonneau for more information.

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